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Mike LOVES baths.

In the Welsh Valleys, where Mike grew up, bathing is said to cleanse the soul. While other kids his age were off playing, Mike would soak for hours at a time, watching kid’s telly on his little black and white TV and drifting away to his happy place.

Bringing this restorative quality of UK bathing to the US was Mike’s dream for many years. Now, Mike’s Recovery is a reality.

The purpose of Mike’s Recovery is simple: to craft seriously natural, restorative products to promote athletic performance and speed recovery.

After moving to the States in 2000, Mike studied massage therapy and began his career in the healing arts. He became a sports massage therapist and aromatherapy trainer at a prestigious AAA Five Diamond resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

He spent 10 hours a day 4 days a week massaging clients. By the end of each day, Mike’s body was so stiff and tense he could barely move without incredible pain. There were many nights he was in such agony it would bring him to tears.

In his search for relief, Mike began experimenting with soaking in the tub to heal and regenerate his aching body. He would take baths using specific essential oils and record in his journal how they made him feel as well as how they affected his body physiologically.

Some results were amazing – Frankincense made him feel elated. But others were not so wonderful – he burned himself soaking in a high concentration of orange oil.

With his aromatherapy expertise and some trial and error, Mike formulated blends of essential oils so carefully crafted that each oil built on the other’s strengths. He created fusions that could be used for very precise purposes.

Using his own fusions of essential oil mineral soaks has empowered him physically to continue working for 16 years in an industry where the average burn out rate is 2 years.

In 2015 Mike left that incredible job on the Strip to pursue a career as an independent massage therapist. It was a leap of faith, with many challenges. While growing his clientele, Mike found his way to a local CrossFit gym that just happens to be the most visited CrossFit gym in the world. He began working on professional and every day athletes. Within a few months, the owners asked him to be their in-house massage therapist.

Mike really wanted to share his essential oil mineral soaks with athletes at the gym to aid in their recovery. So in early January of 2016, he created a small batch of two dozen two pound bags. He sold out immediately.

Within just a few weeks of his first sale, Mike had his first two blends of Mike’s Recovery – “Restore” and “Rest” – on shelves in both of CrossFit Max Effort’s locations. Since then, he's added dozens more locations, and recently expanded the offerings to include all new blends, soaps, and packaging.


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