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Mike loves baths. And he wants you to love baths too.

In the Welsh Valleys, where Mike grew up, bathing is said to cleanse the soul. Mike's goal has always been to recreate that place far and away from the craziness of everyday life. His Mineral Soaks help uncover a place where the mind can find balance and the heart can find peace.

A Simple Purpose.

"Healing touch is one of the most transformative experiences a person can go through. Instantly, healing touch can shift a persons perspective back to Love. Emotions trapped in muscle tissue instantly melt away, letting the person feel Loved and if only for a moment in time remember who they are. Underneath the energetic layers of beliefs, roles and responsibilities, healing touch creates a space where a person remembers that in the present moment they are Love, no matter who they think they are. 

Love is the purest frequency of energy. After 20 years of massage therapy I knew I wanted to create something with that energy in it. Something pure, something that would shift a persons perspective of themselves back to Love, innocence, playfulness, a place to let the mind wander and dream and create joy. I wanted to bring something to people that was real, that was created with the highest intention possible. Something that was accessible to everyone that wanted to feel Loved. That's what inspired me to create Mike's Recovery."

Real Products

From our mineral soaks and soaps to our roll-ons and scrubs, we create seriously natural, restorative products to promote physical and mental wellness. Every product is handcrafted with all natural ingredients and a heap of thought. No dyes or artificial ingredients.

Unexpectedly Luxurious

Everything we create is made to be used. We started with the highest quality ingredients we could source and moved backwards from there. Priced for everyday use, not for sitting on a shelf in your guest bathroom.